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CXellence is a Customer Experience Consultancy founded and led by Manuela Pifani. Born from her passion for creating loyal customers and business value by embedding customer-centricity in the DNA of the whole organisation, it focuses on helping other companies and Customer leaders achieve success through CX excellence.

It is a consultancy built by a CX business leader for other CX business leaders - leveraging the know-how, experience and intuition derived from over 15 years in corporate customer-focused leadership roles. Having walked in their shoes, Manuela understands the challenges and issues CX leaders face and has experienced the ups and downs of the journey towards CX excellence. Leveraging this hands-on business-side experience, CXellence is an independent partner to help you succeed in your CX objectives.  

Customer-centric organisations are more profitable and grow faster, but this does not happen by chance and requires a carefully designed and well executed customer experience strategy and transformation, which aligns the whole organisation behind its delivery. CXellence offers tailor made CX services to suit your needs and priorities, using tested customer strategies and frameworks and extensive business-side expertise.

Manuela Pifani

An experienced and successful CX senior leader, Manuela is the founder and mind behind the creation of CXellence. 


Manuela's results and achievements have been recognised also through a number of prestigious UK-wide cross-sector CX awards.

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