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About Manuela Pifani

Manuela is a multi-award-winning and CCXP accredited senior business leader in Customer Experience and Strategy, with a strong track record in transforming CX for the large international organisations she has worked for during her corporate career. These include the Direct Line Group (across all its brands Direct Line, Churchill, Privilege and GreenFlag), the Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays and more recently Kingfisher (across all its brands B&Q, ScrewFix, Castorama and Brico Depot). 

Passionate, results-oriented and engaging at all levels, she created strong CX capabilities, led strategic and tactical CX transformation programmes and influenced Executive Boards and senior stakeholders to embed customer-centricity in the DNA of their organisation. The initiatives she led generated higher NPS, CES and brand preference, while increasing revenue and lowering operating costs and customer complaints. 

Leveraging her 15-years business-side career as a CX leader and 4 years' experience as a freelance consultant across financial services, retail and other service sectors, Manuela decided to apply her passion for building customer-led businesses to helping a broader number of organisations in their CX transformation journey.

CXellence was born from this desire.

Endorsements from corporate career

I am extremely fortunate to know a lot of people who have chosen Customer Experience to be their profession. To some, a profession is a job - To others, it is a vocation. Manuela is a CX Professional who brings the vocation of CX to life - brilliantly. The true epitome of the type of person a business needs to ‘operationalise CX’, Manuela is award winning for a reason - she possesses the skill, capability and personality to influence people at all levels of an organisation to become demonstrably customer centric. Manuela is a truly inspirational CX leader.
— Ian Golding, Global Customer Experience Specialist and Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)
At Direct Line Group Manuela strongly demonstrated her Customer Experience and strategy setting expertise. Starting from ground zero and with a big catch up agenda, Manuela set up the strategic direction for a large scale transformation of CX and then drove that through to execution over multiple years. This was a major undertaking requiring the mobilisation of, and collaboration across, multiple business areas behind a clear set of priorities.

Manuela was particularly impressive at presenting and influencing at an Exec and Board level to get buy-in to the overall programme. This led to very significant gains across all brands and journeys in both NPS and Net Ease culminating in a raft of awards in recognition of the transformation that we had undertaken and the standards that we had achieved.

Manuela left a strong legacy in terms of a high capability team with a strong combination of analytical rigour, change implementation skills and teamwork, which has helped towards a continuing improvement across our journeys and metrics after her move to Kingfisher.
— Mark Evans, Marketing Director, Direct Line Group
Manuela has an incredible grasp of all the elements that comprise customer experience across complex (eg multi channel, multi brand) organisations. She is able to draw out meaningful strategic insight from the huge heap of customer interactions and feedback programmes across the organisation, re-purposing historic schemes, and present this to anyone in the organisation from a new starter to the chairman and CEO.

Cleverly, when Manuela explains some issue she has found, its impact on customers and the P&L, the solution often becomes self evident. In this way, she drives a phenomenal amount of positive change across a company - creating a real excitement around how things can be much better for customers and colleagues alike.
— Julian Elliott, Chief Data Officer, Dentsu Aegis Network (former Director of Customer & Multi-Channel Experience at the Direct Line Group)


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