In-house CX training

All training is designed and delivered by Manuela Pifani, multi-award winning CX professional and 2015 UK Customer Experience Professional of the Year, leveraging her personal experience as a CX business leader and her deep knowledge of best-in-class methodologies and case studies.

Courses contain exclusively developed content and are built on a modular basis to be adapted to individual organisational needs and maturity stages. They help you create successful and award-winning CX capabilities and skills to supercharge the impact of your customer experience initiatives.

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Manuela worked with my Customer Experience Practice to share her extensive experience about how to develop a customer strategy, establish a transform programme and deliver customer centric change. The frames, content and her experience gave us some invaluable take-aways that we can start to adopt and deploy with our clients going forward.
— David, Head of CX for UK Consulting at a global consultancy

Customer Journey Mapping, Design & Transformation

Objective: Understand and practice different customer journey mapping methodologies and approaches and the key components for effective end-to-end management. Learn how to use customer journey maps to design the target customer experience and drive change and accountability across the organisation.

Modules include:

  • Mapping methodologies

  • Customer journey map components

  • Customer needs and motivators

  • Capability & performance assessment

  • Designing target experiences

  • Driving change and transformation

  • KPIs and CX measurement

  • Accountability and improvement

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Voice of the Customer, CX Measurement and Insight

Objective: Understand different Voice of the Customer methodologies and how to generate customer insight, without falling into its pitfalls. Practice how to create an effective CX measurement framework and use it to inform CX design and transformation and drive alignment and accountability across the organisation.

Modules include:

  • VoC methodologies and pitfalls

  • CX measurement framework

  • CX metrics and reporting

  • Rational and emotional drivers

  • Generating effective insight

  • Driving priorities and change

  • Driving cultural transformation

  • KPIs and accountability

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CX Organisational Fitness and Customer-Centricity

Objective: Understand the 8 essential components and 5 maturity stages of CX and Organisational Fitness . Assess your own CX capabilities and maturity state and identify the key levers you can pull to embed customer-centricity in the DNA of your organisation in a sustainable and value creating way.

Modules include:

  • CX Organisational Fitness Model ©

  • CX Organisational Fitness Check ©

  • Strategic CX components

  • CX capabilities

  • CX maturity states and drivers

  • CX fitness planning and improvement

  • Driving customer-centricity


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Customer Strategy & Design Thinking

Objectives: Understand and practice different customer strategy and design methodologies and approaches, including Design Thinking. Learn how to use the customer strategy to align the organisation behind a consistent and differentiated CX.

Modules include:

  • Customer Strategy inputs

  • Customer Strategy components

  • Methodologies and approaches

  • Design Thinking techniques

  • Using the customer strategy

  • Embedding the customer strategy

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Executive-level CX Masterclass

Objectives: Understand the role of the executive board in driving customer-centricity across the organisation, and the pitfalls and opportunities you have to support the creation of business value through a clear CX focus. Ideal for delivery at Exec off-sites.

Modules include:

  • Importance and role of CX

  • The ROI and value of CX

  • The role of the Executive Board

  • Maturity stages and opportunities

  • Driving customer-centricity

  • Organisational implications

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Manuela’s personality and deeply engaging style make her training sessions a great learning experience. Her common sense and practical examples from years of experience in the field are a key differentiator and her training sessions are something I would recommend to anyone who wants to invest in customer experience.
— Giulia Ajello, Head of Customer Office, M&G Prudential UK
Manuela’s CX Foundation training was an eye opener on all the implications of CX with all business functions and how important it is to orchestrate the transformation internally at all levels to get it right. Manuela is very knowledgeable and has provided a wealth of examples from a variety of industries she’s worked in. Her teaching style is fun, interactive and participatory. I definitely recommend Manuela’s training!
— Vanessa Milan, Voice of the Customer Lead, Cambridge University Press