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Helping organisations achieve success through customer experience excellence

Customer-centric organisations are more profitable and grow faster, but this does not happen by chance and requires a carefully designed and well executed customer experience strategy and transformation, which aligns the whole organisation behind its delivery. 

Founded and led by Manuela Pifani, CXellence offers tailor made CX services to suit your needs and priorities, leveraging tested customer strategies and frameworks and extensive hands-on business-side expertise gained from over 15 years in CX leadership roles. From strategic consulting to tactical interventions, from executive mentoring to engagements at corporate or public events, CXellence can partner with you to help you achieve your CX objectives and outstanding business results.

Consulting and Project Leadership

Manuela uses her own proprietary and other proven frameworks and tools to support organisations across various sectors with their CX transformation. She has the strategic, business and technical expertise to help you succeed, as well as the credibility and clout to help you influence and engage your stakeholders behind your plans through:

  • CX Fitness Check ™
  • Customer strategy and priorities
  • Customer Experience Design ©
  • Customer Journeys Mapping ©
  • Voice of the Customer programme
  • CX transformation and capabilities

Mentoring and Advising

Having been a CX and Strategy senior leader for many years, Manuela understands the value of having a trusted business partner or expert advisor to share issues, discuss ideas, explore solutions or simply provide support and guidance on your CX priorities or strategic decisions. Manuela can share her knowledge and experience with you and support your CX transformation journey through:

  • Executive coaching and mentoring
  • Advising on CX transformation
  • CX consultations

Speaking and Training Masterclasses

Manuela is a passionate CX professional, who loves to share her story, knowledge and experience with others. Leveraging her client-side leadership experience and her personal perspective and approach, Manuela can help you shape or support your CX event or conference, or build your team or organisation's CX skills and capabilities through:

  • Conference chairing
  • Keynote speaker and presenter
  • CX Training and Masterclasses ©
  • Webinars 


Did you know that 93% of CX leaders claim that their CX initiative failed to create differentiation and only 23% say that they achieved tangible business benefits from CX investments?