Who we are

CXellence is a Customer Experience Consultancy founded and led by Manuela Pifani, who has extensive corporate experience in leading organisations to achieve success through CX excellence. Manuela's achievements and results were recognised by winning a number of prestigious awards. CXellence was born from her desire to help more organisations achieve success through customer experience excellence.

What is different

CXellence is built with its customers in mind - the CX leaders. Having walked in their shoes for over 15 years, Manuela understands the challenges and issues they face and the ups and downs of the journey towards CX excellence, as well as the value opportunities and success drivers. Leveraging this hands-on business-side experience and tested frameworks and solutions, CXellence is an independent partner to help you succeed in your CX objectives.  

What we do

Now operating under her own brand, Manuela works with organisations of all sizes and sectors to embed customer-centricity in their DNA to increase customer loyalty and business value. CXellence provides a broad range of CX services, explicitly tailored to suit the needs and priorities of your organisation - from CX consulting (strategy, measurement, design, transformation, cultural change), to executive mentoring, advising, CX training and speaking engagements.

Manuela has an unwavering passion for customers supported by strategic vision and deep business understanding. All these qualities make her one of the few go-to people in the Customer Experience sector. In Manuela you will not find only a strategic consultant, but an exponential asset for your organisation, someone who can support businesses to set a strategic customer direction, mobilise and drive change.
— Giulia Ajello, Head of Customer Office, M&G Prudential UK